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Birthday Cats Kiki and Koko

Today Kiki and Koko turn 3 years old! It feels like yesterday that they came into our live and spent a good week hiding under the recliner. After that week, they managed to take over the whole apartment and furniture and make it their own. Today, April 10, 2013, Kiki and Koko were surprisingly good and even if they were a tiny bit bad, I didn’t yell. It’s their birthday after all. So we bought them a candle hoping to get some good pictures but had no such luck. They didn’t like the candle and they did not like the first can of wet food so I had to blow out the candle and give them Meow Mix which they devoured! After a little break they had a handful of Blue Buffalo dry food which they love as well.

Kiki and Koko 3 Today Eating

Kiki and Koko love Meow Mix wet food and I make sure to give them one at least every other week. They need wet food and this food has actual fish, shrimp, and other meats that you can physically see what it is. They don’t like pates at all and who would?

Kiki and Koko Cats Turn 3

This is as good of a picture as I could get. They didn’t like the candle smell and they were busy fighting over the pebbles. Anyways, I just want to wish my beautiful girls a very happy and healthy birthday! I hope that we can spend many many many more wonderful birthdays together for years to come! I also wish any of you and your pet a very happy birthday and hope you all had a wonderful day!