Cats, Kiki and Koko Get a Bath Pictures

So for a while now we have been meaning to give Kiki and Koko another bath. Their hair is everywhere and on everything and no matter how much I vacuum and mop the floors there is still hair leftover! When you touch them to pet them there is a chunk of hair on your hands […]

Cats Fighting Over Jeans Pictures

So I went to visit Safet, Kiki and Koko’s brother, and when I came home our babies were all over me. They smelled my jeans from top to bottom and kept rubbing their head against them. I guess they smelled their brother or maybe just another male cat scent. Wonder what would happen if they […]

Kittens Smelling Sneakers Pictures

Every cat, or most cats I should say, like to smell humans, get their scent and mark it. When Kiki and Koko moved in with us, we did not have a shoe rack and as people would come in, they would pile up sneakers and shoes around the hallway. After seeing what Kiki and Koko […]

Cat Tree for Cats Pictures

We just started watching this show called My Cats From Hell and the cat expert kept saying that cats love heights. I decided to get our two cats a cat tree so they can explore and maybe they will like the tree enough to let me cook in the kitchen in peace. I bought the […]

Kittens Hate Pillows Pictures

When we brought Kiki and Koko to their new home, they ran for cover and they found it under out recliner of all places. We tried to get them from going under there but it was useless. We always had to make sure that no one sat on the recliner since it also rocked and […]

Second Day With Kittens Pictures

This goes back to June 7th, 2010, Kiki and Koko’s second day in their new home. They were so small and did not want to get to us too much but still wanted to play with their new toys. They loves these two sticks; one with the pink ball and the other with the green […]

Kiki and Koko Cats New Homes Pictures

We went to Wal-mart and bought Kiki and Koko two more cat houses to play in since they destroyed the green one. We also got them new cat nip toys but they were not all that interested in. They both still proffered the green house but I am sure they will get used to the […]

Cats Window Spot Pictures

I was walking to my room and I saw Kiki and Koko on Kiki’s window sill. I snapped a picture and before even being done, Koko ran to her room. At least I got one picture of them together. Kiki was confused about Koko leaving so soon but they both like their spots. I guess […]

New Toy For Cats Pictures

We went to PETCO again and used our 10 dollars from Nutro and it was well needed. I bought some extra wet food for the stray cats and we of course could not help ourselves and not get a new toy for them. Kiki and Koko have plenty of toys but they always loose them […]