Feeding Queens Kittens

Just came back from another walk feeding the stray kitties. This time there were only two but it still felt great feeding them. There was a small black and white one and a little, bitty gray one. The gray kitten was so timid it did not want to come near us. We placed the food […]

NYC Kitties

Tonight we went back to the same spot under the train tracks to feed our kitties. We went a little earlier so there were not as many cats as before but still plenty; four to be exact. The small black one with white on her chin was there and so was the crazy mixed one. […]

Feeding NYC Kittens

So tonight we went back to feed the little kittens and oh my goodness! There were six beyond adorable kitties and they were all different! We had one can of food because we thought they would have plenty of food that other people leave them. We were wrong or they must have devoured it all […]

NYC Kitten

My husband and I decided to take a nice walk around the neighborhood and as we were coming back we spotted a tiny Koko look-a-like. She was just so sweet and beautiful! She had a small patch of white on her neck and there were no other kittens or cats around. There were two plates […]