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Cats Fighting Over Jeans Pictures

So I went to visit Safet, Kiki and Koko’s brother, and when I came home our babies were all over me. They smelled my jeans from top to bottom and kept rubbing their head against them. I guess they smelled their brother or maybe just another male cat scent. Wonder what would happen if they met again. Would they know that that is their brother? Anyways, I took off my jeans and next thing I know Kiki and Koko were fighting over them. They kept jumping on them and rolling around. I didn’t like the way they kept fighting over the jeans and running around like monkeys, so I took them and placed them in the laundry bin. They got washed and no more going koo-koo for my jeans. They just use them as a scratching post when I have them on.

Kiki and Koko with Tea

Cats are just like small curious children who want to get into anything and everything and see what will happen. I was baking and had

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