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Cats Kiki and Koko Have Visitors On The Deck

So last night at 2am I heard a loud noise and jumped out of bed thinking one of the cats broke a mug, a plate, or something. I went to the kitchen looked around and found nothing. I went around the living room, looked around and found nothing. Koko was there with me every step of the way and she seemed full of energy. I figured that whatever it was, nothing was broken and she was okay. So I went back to bed thinking Kiki must have been really tired and not hungry because she usually chases me out of the room in the middle of the night and last night she did nothing.
This morning when we got up we found Kiki terrified and hiding under the bed in our guest bedroom. She would come to the door, peek a little, and run back under the bed. When we went to the dining room we realized that the hummingbird feeder was missing and the top piece was still dangling from the rope. Since we installed two cameras on the deck a couple of days ago, this was the perfect time to play back the video and see what kind of animal we were dealing with. Boy, did we get a nice surprise!

Two bears! On the video the mother or larger bear comes to the deck first and the smaller cub/bear a few minutes later. The mother leaves, then the little one leaves only to be back again trying its hardest to get all the juice out from the hummingbird feeder. At 2am, the little bear succeeds and runs away with my hummingbird feeder in its mouth while I’m up thinking my cats were up to no good.
Right now Kiki is terrified to go upstairs and is hiding and napping behind my computer.
Kiki Behind Computer
Kiki Sleeping Behind Computer
I feel horrible for my little Kiki. She isn’t brave like her sister Koko. She is a little chicken like I and hiding is something she does best. I truly hope she wont stay afraid for too long and will be back to enjoying her deck views in no time! As for the bears, I hope they don’t come on the deck again and terrify my Kiki even more!

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