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Egg-Cersizer for Kiki

Kiki has always loved food. When she was a kitten her siblings were not so nice to her and would push her out of the way when they all ate but she managed to go in there and fight for her share. Needless to say when we took her and Koko home for good, we spoiled them. We had their bowls full of food all the time and if it was half-full it was empty in Kiki’s eyes and she would meow for more. This is how she got a little “chunky”. Koko on the other hand was fine. She would eat a little and walk away, but not Kiki.


Over time we learned that what we were doing was not healthy at all and have changed our ways. Instead of feeding the cats twice a day now they get a few pebbled throughout the day. It is usually as often as Kiki meows for it. Don’t worry it’s only enough pebbles to calm her down for an hour or so. While that has helped her lose weight she’s a fast eater and throws up frequently afterwards. She would eat her food without chewing and run to her sister’s side and steal Koko’s pebbles.

kiki and egg-cersizer

Recently we purchased PetSafe Egg-Cersizer and are in love with it. It has helped Kiki eat one pebble at a time and she has to work for the pebbles. She stopped throwing up and she doesn’t have enough time to eat her food and steal Koko’s as well. It is really cute to see her use it and push it around the house, from the kitchen to the living room and back to the dining room. We purchased two of them since we have two cats but Koko did not want to use it and honestly she doesn’t need it. She eats her pebbles slowly and doesn’t throw up.

kiki pushing egg-cersizer

The egg-cersizer for Kiki has worked wonderfully and we recommend it to any pet parent that has the same issue as we did. It will help your cat walk more, eat slower and exercise for the food. We only put a few pebbles inside let’s say 10-15 small pebbles since we feed them so often but you can do your feedings in it. The first time (shown in pictures) I put a lot more because I thought it needed to be filled up a lot but it doesn’t. You can put as much or as little as you need. Kiki knew exactly what to do; she sniffed the pebbles inside, pawed at it a few times and as it rolled and a pebble fell out she was on it like a hawk! She did not need any encouragement, smelling the pebbles did the trick for her. If you decide to get the egg-cersizer I hope your cat loves it and it helps with the weight and throwing up.

koko and egg-cersizer