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Feeding One Kitten At a Time Pictures

Jenny and I went back again to feed our friends and when we came Color and the black and white kittens were there. The plates were gone and unreachable; the only thing around were cans from the wet food. I took my bag of Nutro Natural Choice food and spread it out in the three different cans. The black-white kitten came right away to eat while Color watched.We thought Color was not hungry but he just wanted to let the black and white kitten go first even thou there were two other cans Color could have ate from.We were ready to leave when the tiny black kitten came running towards the gate. She/he did not eat much and left to join the cats. At the time the orange kitten came out of the box but did not come to eat.We were about to leave once again, when the gray kitten appeared in the background running to us. She/he did not want to get too close to the gate and when we were eating it came closer and ate the dry food.I think these kittens, even though they are stray cats, they still would prefer wet food over dry food.I just wish people would come and take them to a good home with plenty of love and food.

Let us sleep!

Kiki and Koko always come and surprise me in the cutest ways. This morning I could not sleep in the bedroom and was fussing over

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Kiki and Koko with Tea

Cats are just like small curious children who want to get into anything and everything and see what will happen. I was baking and had

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