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Frank and Buddy Kittens Pictures

Everyday now I go and feed Buddy and Franky. They know me so well that when they see me they actually run to me from happiness! They know they will be getting wet and dry food. They like the wet food more and Buddy actually growls at his sibling for territory and the food. They much down the food like they have never eaten in their lives and it makes me terribly sad. They are so adorable! Who would not want to take them home. I place the wet food on a leaf because the flied come flying right away to get to their food. I wait until they are done so that I can throw the leaf away from them. Buddy really loves wet food and Franky likes both as long as he gets to eat. I change their water and I let them be. The other cats around there look at me as well and have been inching closer. Some don’t even run away anymore when they see me. I think I am making good progress.