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Friendly With Stray Kittens Pictures

So I have been feeding the little kittens outside as well as the whole family but the little kittens have come to trust me. The whiter kitten really likes me and rolls on his back to have a little tummy rub. I will call him Francesco. The girl tabby, I will call Lola, likes me and lets me pet. She really just likes to play and runs and jumps after leaves or bags that I twirl around. This morning I took out a can off cat food and some Nutro Dry food to them and boy did they eat! They devoured the wet food first and moved on to Nutro. I was in a hurry and did not grab a plate for them. When I went into our house, I looked out and the mother was back eating with her children. I realized they needed water so I took our a plastic container that I never used, washed it and placed some water into it. The kittens didn’t drink much and the mother ran away the minute she saw me. They I stayed a few more minutes and played with the kittens. Francesco really wanted to play and be pet but Lola wanted to groom herself. His skin and fur are a little torn up probably from squeezing under the fence, when there is a big opening just around the tree. They are such cute kittens and I wish I could take them in but they are still too young and have a mother and father to take care of them. There is a whole cat family outside always hiding in the bushes protecting them.