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Gray Kitten Under M Train

Today, Jenny and I went to feed the cats a little later than usual hoping to see more cats. When we got there, there was not one cat or kitten in sight! We were disappointed and this time I brought wet and dry food.When I was done with putting the food out, the gray kitten popped out from the bush.There was this plate already there that someone must have left this morning. When the gray kitten was eating, another new black cat with a white nose showed up.It looked very masculine so I assume this is the father of the white and black kitten as well as the time black kitten with the white neck.The black and white kitten came and looked very scared of the black cat. It was trying to hide in the bush and stay low. None of the two cats came to join the gray kitten to eat.She/he is really cute and I really want to pet them all and take them home. Jenny did not get to see her Color today but maybe we will have more luck tomorrow. After leaving the food and taking some pictures we walked down more to see if on the other sides there were plates and food for cats to eat. We were shocked to see clean fenced in place with no cat in sight or any dishes for them. Why is the side where the cats are so dirty? Is the MTA responsible for the cleaning under their train stations?