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Kiki and Koko Cats Turn 5!

Today Kiki and Koko cats turn 5! We have had them for 4 years and 10 months of their short 5 years, and we have loved and cherished every moment so far. Today Kiki and Koko will get more food than usual, after all, they have to be spoiled on their birthday just as we spoil ourselves.I made them little necklaces by printing the number 5, cutting it out, writing their names on the number, and taping it to a letter strap. I then tapped the ends together and placed it around their collar. Kiki did not mind but Koko was a different story. It looked like she forgot to walk and was focused on the necklace instead. She walked around in circles trying to remove it but once she saw the food, she forgot about the necklace.

Koko eatingThus is a cute and funny picture of Koko eating. She didn’t realize that her number was in her food.

kiki eating messyKiki loves food and she will lick her plate clean whether it’s milk, tuna, chicken pieces or anything else. As long as it’s not vegetables, she will eat it.

cats eatingThey really do know how to make a mess. It’s okay though, since Kiki goes around and is a cat-vacuum, eating all the crumbs and tiny pieces of food on the floor. She’s a very special cat and has a lot of talent.

They received tuna in water for their noon lunch and they loved it. They loved it so much that they stole the package off of the counter top and brought it all the way down the stairs and by to front door trying to open it. They ended up putting a few holes into the package but not a lot of the tuna was gone. The also received Fancy Feast tuna appetizer and devoured it. They made a nice mess, but it’s their birthday so they can get away with it.

cat sisters

Today, April 10th 2015, is also National Siblings Day! Since Kiki and Koko are twins, they have a lot to celebrate about. They have each other and we hope for many wonderful and healthy years to come!