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Kiki Cat The Computer Genius!

Our Kiki loves to lay on top of the laptops and take her long naps. While she loves the heat that the laptops give off, she always ends up opening weird files or changing the characters of the keys.

kiki cat sleeping on laptop

Cat Kiki the computer genius has recently snuck into my office while I was cooking and laid on my laptop. I had to give her a few Blue Buffalo dry cat food pebbles so that she would get off and I could use my laptop. When she got off to eat the pebbles, I noticed that my screen was blue and with different icons available.

wake up kiki

I have no idea how she got to open what she did but I was not able to get out of it. I tried the Esc key, nothing. I tried Ctrl+Alt+Delete, still nothing, so I ended up having to shut down the laptop. When me computer restarted I was greeted by a screen FULL of icons! Cat Kiki the computer genius doubled and tripled some of my icons! I don’t know how she did it but she’s a smart cookie.

cat and laptop

One day perhaps I will be as smart and tech-savvy as Kiki but for now I will have to stick to what I know and shut my laptop every time I find it “Kikified”.