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Kiki Kitten Asking for Treats

Kiki and Koko have learned about ‘treats time’ and definitely know when to ask for them. Every morning Kiki will make sure to run to the kitchen, stand in front of the cabinet, sometimes paw at it, and meow. I don’t know how she got to be so smart but she is. She will NOT stop meowing and walking back and forth until I get up and oblige to her needs. The minute I take out the container of their treats, they both start circling around me like a ritual.They sure do love all their treats. I try to give them all of them twice a day. In this container there are treats for their fur, for teeth, for their immune system and a little nice dry fish treat as well. They have the life.We used to keep the treat bags on top of the kitchen shelf and well, either Kiki or Koko would jump up and run away with a bag in their mouth. By the time we get to it the bag is full of cat teeth marks. Now we keep the treats in a plastic container in a closed cabinet. They know where it is and Kiki sure knows how to make me get up and give them the treats. At night around 9 or before bed she will go to the kitchen and meow until I get up once again and give them all the treats. I can never forget to give them their treats because Kiki is my personal alarm clock for it.