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Kiki Kitten Hates The Vacuum

Kiki and Koko have always been afraid of the vacuum as many cats are but the places they find to hind in are, well hilarious! When we first got Kiki and Koko I was afraid to vacuum and did not want to scare them that I would sweep up the house, steam it or go around with wet wipes. I realized that this was bad and the cats would never get used to the vacuum if I kept doing this. One day when I used the vacuum, I finally go to the kitchen and found Koko behind the oven terrified and Kiki hiding behind the sugar bag. I did not get a chance to take a picture of Koko because the minute I turned off the vacuum she zoomed out of the kitchen and to the bedroom.
This is my cute little Kiki hiding on the shelf where I kept the sugar, pasta, and rice. She is so darn cute but I did feel horrible that they were afraid of the vacuum.

Today I decided to do some spring cleaning and hard core vacuuming and our two girls did not like this one bit. Koko would hide under the couch while Kiki would sit on the couch with her giant eyes looking at me in question. When I finally finished cleaning I found Kiki ‘hiding’ inside one of the hallway rugs. This is Kiki inside the hallway rug that I just picked up and placed to the side so that I could vacuum and steam up under it. I think Kiki thinks I can’t see her. This is Kiki’s adorable face. She always has a way of making me go ‘awww’. I know every cat is afraid of the vacuum or most cats are, but Kiki’s face and hiding spots are just priceless.

Koko In a Bag!

Kiki and Koko both love bags and boxes and whenever we go shopping and bring anything that they can either jump into or carry around,

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