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KiKi Kitten Jumps on Top of Fridge

KiKi Kitten Jumps on Top of Fridge but Can’t Come Down
Kiki Kitten On Top Of Fridge

One day I was watching the news in the living room and couldn’t help myself from hearing noises in the kitchen. I got up to find my Kiki on top of the fridge. She was sleeping there. When I went in she got up and looked at me with panic in her eyes. She didn’t move or blink until I gave up and laughed. So she decided to come down, but didn’t know how. I tried to get her down but she kept going further back of the fridge. I decided to bribe her with something they both can’t resist, treats! I shook the bag and she started frantically going in circles trying to see how to get down. It’s quiet funny she was able to get up there without any problems, but to get down is a different story. I put the treat on top of the cabinet that she jumped on after jumping on top of the stove, and she just looked at it and made weird pigeon sounds. She finally couldn’t take it anymore and just jumped to the floor before I could get her. I hope she doesn’t do this again, but knowing Kiki she most definitely will do it again.