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Kitten Climbs Ladder and Then Scared to Come Down

Kiki Kitten On Ladder

I was cleaning my room and needed the ladder to place the bags on top of my closet. This ladder has been used up by the whole family and is not the most stable. Trying to put away stuff with two kittens snooping around was not easy and the ladder made it an extra challenge. Every time I climbed up on the ladder, Kiki was there with me trying to sneak by me and go all the way up. I thought that I was doing a pretty good job preventing her from going up but the next thing I knew I had two bags in my hand and a cat inside the closet on the top shelf. I was not able to get her out and had to yell for my husband to do it, but her that’s what he is here for; helping me get the cats out of trouble. After dragging her out of the closet, I put the ladder against the wall and went to the kitchen to grab a drink. When I came back, Kiki was on top of the ladder struggling to get down. I just wonder sometimes what goes in her head, what possessed her to try to climb on top of the ladder. Well, life sure is never boring with two cats.

Kiki Kitten Climb Down Ladder

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