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Kittens In NYC Pictures

Today was a very exciting day feeding the cats. I went back with our young cousin Jenny who loves animals and would do anything to have one. Since her mother is not a pet lover, feeding stray cats with me is as close to pets as she will get. When we got there, there was not a single cat in sight. There was no food for the kittens either and the wind moved around all their plastic plates and cups. We were about to just place the food in a plate we found and leave when the white cat came running towards us.She made our day!She had beautiful eyes! And just when we thought it was enough to see one cat, another cat appeared! The beautiful gray kitten!This one just makes my heart melt! So adorable!When we thought we were not going to see any more kittens, the colorful cat came out as well. Cousin Jenny loves this one and she actually pet it. The kitten did not mind and even came out from under the fence. It was too busy showing its face into the food to care about people touching it.She was really happy that a cat let her pet her but she even got to feed it! She took a little bit of the wet food I bought and the kitten ‘Color’ actually ate it from her hand! It was beautiful but we didn’t take the picture in time.When we thought three cats were enough, the orange kitten came out from the box stretching, yawning, and looking at us as if we were aliens from another planet.The orange and the gray kitten stayed at the corner of the fence and did not come to eat. I am sure they will eat the minute we leave. Speaking of leaving, as we were about to leave a truck pulled over and a man with two cans of wet food and a bag of dry food came out. He has been the one feeding the cats with us.

NYC Kitten

My husband and I decided to take a nice walk around the neighborhood and as we were coming back we spotted a tiny Koko look-a-like.

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