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Kittens Love Their Window Pictures

Last night I came into the kitchen and Koko was on the window sill looking out into the night. Seeing that I Koko was getting attention Kiki jumped on and I took some pictures, bad ones actually because of the big flash. It made me think and look back at some pictures as far as a when they were 2 months old and just came to live with us. They loved the kitchen window and would stay there the whole day if they could.They used to be so small that they could fin in that tiny space when you open the window.Kiki’s stare is priceless. Always posing for pictures since she was a young kitten.My beautiful Koko can give you some sweet looks when she wants to.Sometimes they would lay there and start cleaning each other or themselves and would be like the Energizer bunny; just keep on going, and going, and going…It is so hard to imagine them this small now. We watched them grow from day one and the time flew by way too fast.As they got bigger it became harder to lay down in between the little window opening space.This is the picture I took last night. I took the picture without the flash and it came out blurry. When I changed the setting, there was flash everywhere.This is when Kiki decided to jump up and join in on the paparazzi moment. They sure are cute and I’m glad we have the old pictures to look back to. Kiki and Koko are just one year old but it feels like we have had them all our lives.