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Kittens Sharing A Sleeping Spot

Kiki and Koko are I previously said have their own sleeping spots. Now that I have cleaned up Koko’s spot and placed a nice fuzzy green blanket over the plastic shelf, it occurred to Kiki that it’s a nice place to take a nap on. I came into my room yesterday and Koko was on the floor while Kiki was spread out over the green blanket. Kiki needs to know that sharing is caring and she can’t just take over her sister’s spot like that. I placed Koko on top next to her and let her have her fun. Today I walked into the room and Koko was on the blanket and Kiki was on top of my bags.I guess this was Koko saying; “This is my spot, go back to your own spot!”.They are cute little kittens and like real sisters. It is hard to share with your sibling but eventually you learn you have to make room and just do it.We really need to learn to take better pictures and learn the settings on our camera. Without the flash the pictures come out blurry and with it you see every dust particle possible.I decided to stop bothering them and let them have their 100th nap of the day. To be a cat and to have a sister, what life I tell ya!