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Koko by Computer Pictures

Koko, since day one, has been a mama’s girl. She is never too far away from me and fallows me wherever I go. I love that and really don’t mind. I just don’t like it when she is all comfortable and sleeping and I can’t get up. The minute I do get up, she will snap out of it and fallow me.

She is being so cute here. She was really tired and decided to come and take a nap behind my computer. I don’t like that because there are a lot of wires but she likes the little heat.

This is Koko’s little paw. This is the hand I was able to cut her nails in but she is a problem. She will not stand still when I cut her nails so I am never able to cut her nails at the same time or same day. Everything with Koko takes a little more time.

My beautiful baby Koko chilling behind the computer. I don’t see how laying on top of wires is comfortable but oh wells. Whatever suits my Koko.