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Koko Cat Sleeping Under Blanket

This May has been a little crazy especially with all the rain and changes in the temperature. Inside the house it gets a little chilly and we always worry if the cats can feel it. We know they have fur that keeps them warm but an extra blanket can’t hurt either. Koko loved to sleep on the living room table so whenever she falls asleep we try to cover her with my sweater or our orange fluffy blanket. She does not actually mind and falls asleep just fine under it. She looked so cute under it and it made us happy that she did not run away and lay down on the cold floor. She was getting a little annoyed by the flash and she had all the right to get annoyed. When daddy starts snapping he doesn’t know when to stop. I know my limits. She slept under the blanket for a good half hour then got up ate and laid down for a few minutes on the floor before chasing her sister Kiki around the house.

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Kiki and Koko with Tea

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