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Koko Cat’s Beautiful Eyes Pictures

Koko is a beautiful cat and we just absolutely love her to pieces! It is hard to take pictures of her, especially at night, but when we do we can’t stop looking at her lovely eyes.

When Koko looks up, you can always see a little part of her tooth! It is adorable beyond words. She is unique and special in every way and Mommy loves her very much!

Kiki and Koko with Tea

Cats are just like small curious children who want to get into anything and everything and see what will happen. I was baking and had

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Quiet Cats

So I was washing the dishes and realized that there were no cats around me. I looked around in the living room and on the

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Koko Takes Over

Koko has a way of making everything hers… I guess in some way she has the right. We can’t eat in the kitchen table because

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