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Koko on Top of the TV

Koko is usually a well behaved kitten, well a little better then Kiki when it comes to meowing. Koko keeps it to herself in a way and the only bad thing she did so far was keep jumping inside the plant. I said I was going to throw it out but I really don’t want to and I’m hoping that she would stop jumping into it. I am considering getting a small plastic fence for the plant and hope for the best. Spring is here so it should revive itself back to life…I hope! Well Koko has done another bad thing, this time a little more dangerous. Both kittens were not allowed into the office since the first thing they do is try to go under the recliner or any little corner they can find and then not come out. We placed everything we could, from drapes and jackets, to boxes and bags around the recliner and let them into the room. Both kittens were disappointed but its for their own safety. Next thing we know, Koko was on top of the desk looking up at the television eying it carefully. We didn’t think she would jump, but she of course did. That little girl is might fast! Koko on tv
After jumping on top of the television she looked up at the ceiling and was probably wondering how she could get to the light fixture. It’s a good think that the lighting is not a chandelier of some kind like what we have in the living room. I’m counting down the days when I come home and see two cats rocking back and forth from my ceiling…