Koko was born on April 10, 2010 with her two brothers and one sister. As a tiny litter she was the one that was always feisty and willing to let you come close but not without a price. As weeks passed she became wild always running after her mother and tagging along with the guys. Koko is a all black shorthair domestic cat that we love to call our little Alfalfa. Since she was little, she has a small hair piece always sticking up in the air and no matter how much you pet her or even put water on, it will still rise up and hang in the air. Out of the two kittens, Koko used to be the wild one but she is coming more lose and friendly with each passing day. She doesn’t like to be held but lately she will allow it when she wants it. She loves to be brushed and rolls back and forth so that I can get all her spots. She is beyond spoiled but we love her and we think she loves us too.

Koko is growing into a well behaved cat. She is one month short of being one year old as is her sister. She does not meow like Kiki and she does not wake us up in the morning. Her only flaw is jumping into the flower once a week at least and chasing her sister around the house. She loves to follow me everywhere and even when I think she is fast asleep and walk away, she will be two steps behind me. I love her dearly and I love to watch them both grow from kitties into cats, but it is sad how fast they have grown. In this picture, Koko is on the window looking outside at the delicious birds she can’t have.

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  1. Hearty greetings! Smashing,stirring and lovable images.Thanks a lot for sharing with.I love cats so much.Heartwarming pictures.Cheer up bringing out so touching Pictures.A heartfelt hug!

  2. KoKo is a beautiful kitten. From what you wrote sounds like a very excited cat. Thanks for sharing great cat pictures.

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