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Let us sleep!

Kiki and Koko always come and surprise me in the cutest ways. This morning I could not sleep in the bedroom and was fussing over the sun light since the blinds fell. I wanted my sleep, well I needed my sleep, and went to the living room to get it. I liked the smaller sofa better but I think that Kiki and Koko both believe that that is their space! As I was getting comfortable and about to doze off, I felt a kitten jump on top of me and lay on top of my feet. I figured it was Kiki because she is usually the one that shows more affection and Koko really never likes to sleep with us in the bed anymore.  Anyways, next thing I knew, something else jumped on me and this time was getting comfortable on top of my stomach. I decided to open my eyes, as much as I hated to do that, and I saw Koko by my feet and Kiki on top of my stomach. I did not take these pics, my husband did as he realized no one was in the bedroom. He then joined us in the living room and took some fast pictures. In the end, both kittens fought to get closer to me and eventually Koko kicked Kiki off of me and then Kiki kicked Koko off. In reality, I did not get any sleep, but it felt great to have such cats by my side. I love them both dearly, beyond words.