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Natural Choice Cat Food

Since Kiki and Koko moved in with us at 2 months of age, we have been feeding them Nutro Natural Choice Dry and wet food. Before we took in the kittens, we did a lot of research and took in other people’s advice as well. When we first went to Petco, we asked the lady what’s the best food for kittens and she pointed out a brand that we did not agree on. The product had meat by products as the first ingredients as well as other nonsense so we just thanked her and looked for the Nutro Natural Choice food instead. As parents you want the best for your kids, so why not get the best for your pet as well and prolong their life as long as you can? Since Kiki and Koko have been eating Nutro Natural Choice food products, their coats are shinier and smooth. They do not complain about the food either and are eager to dig in. We even choose to bring Nutro Natural Choice dry food pebbles to the strays that we feed. If the strays can’t have good homes with loving families then why not give them at least a taste of good food that is good for them?

Feeding Queens Kittens

Just came back from another walk feeding the stray kitties. This time there were only two but it still felt great feeding them. There was

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