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New Cat Toy For Cats Kiki and Koko

Our cat Kiki has been a naughty girl, and keeps waking us up at 2AM every other day if not every day! He routine is either 2AM, 3AM, 4AM and 5AM, 30 minutes short of the time we need to get up. So we decided maybe she just needs a new toy to keep her busy while we are sleeping. We were looking into laser toys but did not want them to damage their eyes so that idea was scratched off. We then looked for some toys online but nothing we could agree on, so yesterday while we were in Wal-Mart we found a little toy for them that we thought would keep them busy. The minute we got home, I opened the toy, cleaned it off a little and placed it on the ground. The reaction we got was; ‘What is this?!’ and all they wanted to do with it was sniff it! Kiki and Koko Cats Smelling New Toy

Our two girls kept sniffing the new toy and trying to play or eat the feathers, not sure which one. I was beginning to get a little disappointed since Koko seemed like she really did not know what to do with the toy. The ball that is on the outside rim actually makes a bird noise every time you hit it and Koko seemed a little hesitant even scared of it. Kiki on the other hand was trying to bit the lid and get the ball out so I thought at least it would keep one kitty busy.

Kiki Playing Koko Watching

This picture is so cute of my little Koko sitting like a chicken and Kiki playing with her new toy. Koko seems to like to watch Kiki play with the toy and sits there contemplating how she will be smart enough and get the ball out of the rim.

Kiki Laying Down and Playing With New Toy

This is Kiki laying down, being her lazy self and trying to catch the ball. I took off the feather top because I didn’t want them to eat it and then having to find it in their litter box would be scary. Anyways, the toy’s success is a 6/10 since Kiki is the only one that plays with it but it doesn’t keep her occupied long enough. She still woke us up at 2AM this morning and once I came to the living room, she ate and started playing with the toy which wasn’t fun to hear when I was trying to sleep. So I think it’s safe to say that we will need to keep looking for a new toy that will keep Kiki and Koko occupied at night long enough and drain their energy down so they could sleep throughout the night!

PETCO Goodies for Cats

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