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Our Box Lover Cat Kiki

Our cat Kiki is a troublemaker. She loves to play and meow and play and meow some more. She meows for treats, when there is no food in her plate, and when she is ready to play. The problem with this is that she wants her treats at 3am and all I want to do is sleep. So I have to get up, walk to the living room and lay there for an hour or two until it is time to give her treats or when I give up and she gives me paw-slaps. Right after her treats she will go back to sleep or be nice until she finds her new favorite toy and brings it to the bedroom and starts meowing so we would play with her. Ah, she is a cutie pie but a spoiled one. Besides liking treats (a little too much) Kiki loves boxes. She, like most cats love boxes but Koko isn’t really much of a fan like Kiki. This month I ordered food from Petco and received three boxes for Kiki, one large one and two smaller ones. And of course she could not wait to lay in the big box and make it her new home.

Cute Kiki Cat In Box

You can see this picture and other Kiki and Koko pictures on Instagram; user name is: xlolax25

Kiki Cat Paw Over Eyes

Isn’t she adorable? The light was too much for her even though the office light is really bad and dark. Our precious little girl, always a drama queen.

Kiki Cat Sleeping In Box

Yep, that’s our little Kiki and no I did not close the box on her she did that herself. She couldn’t get comfortable enough so at first she used one of the sides as a pillow then she gave up and went under the flap. Do you have cats like Kiki that love boxes and that are just little trouble makers?