Cat Kiki's Favorite Toys

Kiki and Koko will be 3 years old in April and in the short time we have had them, (2 years 8 months) we have realized just how different they are. One way that Kiki and Koko are different are how and with which toys they choose to play with. Kiki is really active when she wants to be, that is usually why I am working or just went to bed! Here is her list of her favorite toys (and they have a lot of toys):

Blue Mouse- She LOVES this toy and when she finds it she grabs it with her mouth, makes these crazy, a bit scary, noises and drops it by me. This toy she loves to play fetch with. Yes, I said fetch! Kiki loves to fetch and will do it mostly with just this toy! This toy has also helped get her back into shape and lose a couple of pounds since she will jump for it without any hesitation.

Birdie- I think all cats love the birdie, which is a feather or two tied to a string that is connected to a stick. The noise that this produces while you swing it around gets the cats’ attention and they just love it. Koko loved this toy as well but of course she ripped the string apart and Kiki tore the fake feathers into pieces. We will have to get them another one, hopefully they will be a bit more gentile with it.

Undercover Mouse-This toy took a few days for Kiki to get used to but now she absolutely loves it! I will turn it on and the little plastic will spin around and she will jump on it with excitement. She has even gone as far as hiding in the hallway and running full speed to try and catch the tail. Koko on the other hand just watches and is not as active with the toy.

Yellow Banana- This toy is a newer toy for the cats but they both love it! If Kiki is acting out, bored, or meowing for no reason, I would throw the Yellow Banana to her and she would calm down. She plays with it, kits it, tosses it, hugs it, and just plain loves it! This toy is definitely a hit in our home and I’ve seen plenty of pictures and videos to know that a lot of cats love it.

SmartyKat Toy-This was a wonderful idea and a toy that Kiki and Koko likes. Who wouldn’t like a remote controlled mouse? The mouse is a bit on the heavy side but Kiki loves it and still plays with it even though the remote control stopped charging the mouse. When Kiki finds this toy, you can hear it miles away! She will put it in her mouth toss it on the air and try to catch it. We’re afraid she might knock a tooth out but still let her play with it on occasions since she loves it so much.

As cat parents, we want our special babies to have everything they want and we spoil them with lots and lots of toys. Kiki and Koko may be twins but they are worlds apart and they gravitate towards different toys just like all cats do. These are some great toys that Kiki loves to play and your cat might enjoy as well.