Healthy Cat Food Schedule

In two months, Kiki and Koko will be three years old and we hope they will live 50+ more years with us in good health! As cat parents, we sometimes let our pets control us with their pretty little eyes, soft furs, adorable twirls and those side head looks. Kiki has learned to do all of these things quite well and has been rewarded with food and treats which in the end is a big NO-NO! Since the whole day we would leave dry food for them to eat, Kiki took advantage of that and gained a lot of weight which she should not have gained if we paid more attention to what we were doing. A few months ago we saw how bad she got by realizing that she could not jump on a two foot table or even climb the cat tree that she adores. This was a sign that we need to change and change we did!

Kiki and Koko used to get treats twice a day but it was a variety of treats from Greenies to joint health to chicken flavored treats, you name it they had them! Kiki would wake me up at 5AM every morning for those treats and would bother me at 9PM for the night treats. This wasn’t a problem until she started to wake me up earlier each morning and would not stop until I was up and feeding her. At one point she would wake me up from 2AM and every hour after that, either for treats, food, or just to go to the living room with her. This was becoming very stressful and annoying so I knew that I had to do something and fast!

Today Kiki and Koko get treats once a day (at night) and only one treat! They love dried lamb and the tuna flakes! I place the piece of dried lamb on the cat tree and Kiki and Koko both have to climb up to get it. This has helped Kiki get back into shape along with a proper diet. Instead of making sure that their food bawls were always full, we now feed them 1/3 a cup twice a day, once at 6AM and the other time at 6PM. The 1/3 of a cup is split between both of them and even though Kiki will meow for more, we try our very best not to give her any more than needed. I start playing with her favorite cat toy to distract her a bit and after a while she gets tired and goes to sleep.

As pet parents we want our cats to have everything they need and sometimes we end up causing them harm. I have learned my lesson before it was too late and Kiki got overly obese and I will never put my pet in that kind of a danger! We are even considering getting our Kiki and Koko on a raw cat food diet. A healthier cat means I will get to enjoy their company, love, and cuteness for years to come!