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Three Kitties In NYC Pictures

Went back to feed our NYC kittens today and with a new buddy, my little cousin. She was hoping to see the fuzzy, colorful cat I took pictures of last time but sadly it was not there today. Maybe tomorrow we will have better luck. Anyways, when we came, I saw the usual two kitties, the black one and black and white one. I threw away the dry food that was soaked in rain water and put Nutro Natural Choice dry pebbles down and the white kitty went to town. She must have been hungry. The little black kitten kept circuling around thinking if she should join in or wait for her turn.The Kitty kept going right and left stretching, taking her time or wasting some time till she could have her turn.When the white kitten was finally done, the little black kittie munched down on some good dry food. While she was eating I noticed another cat in the background. She finally joined in the crowd and I realized she was not a cat but also a tiny little kitten. She was about to join in the black kitten but changed her mind, went into a ball and sat down.She was so darn cute but of course did not want to come out or near us. Thanks to my young cousin, I took a picture of their little ‘box home’ for you all to see.Usually we would see a cat or two come out of there when we go feed them and it must have been perfect for a day like today, safe away from the rain.

PETCO Goodies for Cats

We love Nutro Natural Choice and went to their website and signed up for their coupons and rewards. Right away I was able to print

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Koko In Hamper

Koko is a very bright cat but she does like to play with weird things. Whenever I do laundry I know now that I should

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Scratch Post

Since we’ve had Kiki and Koko we have tried everything possible for them to have and to scratch. The first week with us in a

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