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Visiting Borther Sajo Cat Pictures

Yesterday I went to visit Safet (Sajo) and he looked much skinnier but glad to see me. Right away he was flipping and turning and I could not help myself but sit on the floor and play with him. He was neutered recently and had to go to the vet because he had warms. The vet recomended that he only stay in the house from now on and he does not seem too happy about it but is obliging. We opened the front door and he just stood there watching the cars pass by.

He did not want to go any further away from the front porch and just looked as the cars passed by. My mother felt bad so she placed him in the garden. As she put him down a truck passed by and he ran for the house door.He is definitely related to Kiki and Koko. Being big chickens runs in the family.

Kiki in Shredder

So I decided that it was time to shred some bills we have been collecting for two years now. When I plugged in the shredded

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